2012 Writer Testimonials

Here’s what some of our 18 Alumni writers from 2012 say about their week at the Rhinebeck Writers Retreat:

Glenn Slater and Wendy Wilf, Beatsville

“At a crucial moment in our project’s development, Rhinebeck Writers Retreat gave us exactly what we needed — a precious week of distraction-free time in a writer-friendly environment where we could eat, sleep and breathe our musical.  We left Rhinebeck recharged and re-energized, with a big chunk of new work under our arms, and a renewed sense of team unity.”  – Glenn Slater

Sean Barry, Laura Eason, and Jenny Giering, Summerland

“My collaborators and I live in different states and without Rhinebeck bringing us together for a solid week of focused work that was away from the demands of our regular life, our musical would not exist.  If this show goes on to have a life, it will be solely because Rhinebeck provided the time and resources to build the foundation of it together.”- Laura Eason

John Caird, Sam Caird, and Paul Gordon, Little Miss Scrooge

“Writing musicals is an intensely collaborative process, so the luxury of being given a secluded residence as a sort of creative pressure-cooker is almost too good to be true. The beautiful setting of the retreat practically obliges one to come up with creative and collaborative responses to the work in hand.”-John Caird

Michael Kooman and Chris Dimond, The Noteworthy Life of Howard Barnes

“Rhinebeck Writers Retreat gave us the time, space, support, and freedom to focus on completing a draft of our script and score.  Freed from the constraints of life in New York City, and removed from the pressures of product-oriented development opportunities, we were able to take a step back, see the project in a different light, and take the risks necessary to help it achieve its full potential.”-Chris Dimond

Darrah Cloud and Kim Sherman, Makeover

“We came to Rhinebeck with a very specific idea of what we wanted to accomplish: a rewrite of Act Two and a few new songs. What we actually accomplished was a new approach to our collaboration, which was only possible by being together in the divinely quiet and serene space. We ended up with a major rework of the script and score, a huge new musical sequence, 2 brand new songs, and drafts for 3 more.”-Kim Sherman

Nathan Christensen and Scott Murphy, Broadcast

“For me, it’s all about getting in the zone. It’s about letting the world around you get quiet and blurry and eventually disappear, if just for a few minutes or hours. That’s hard to do. Particularly today, when we are relentlessly plugged into social media and yoked to our phones. This writing retreat was a beautiful, quiet gift. And I would love to go back once a month for the rest of my life.”-Scott Murphy

“This was kind of like writers’ heaven.”-Nathan Christensen

Ally Collier and Greta Gertler, Willow’s One Night Stand

“The Rhinebeck Writers Retreat gave us the time, space and financial support that we needed to embark on a mental odyssey over the stretch of a week with our musical.  The ease of access to each other in one house, isolated from the outside world, enabled us to get a huge amount of work done.  It’s a unique opportunity that you don’t get from most retreats.”-Ally Collier

Henry Aronson and Cailin Heffernan, Loveless Texas

“I felt very well provided for, respected, supported, and protected.”
-Henry Aronson