Everything You Need for 2018 Application

Before you begin the online application for Rhinebeck Writers Retreat, please make sure you have all the following information and materials at your disposal. Please note: once you begin the online application, you must complete it in one sitting.  USE THIS AS YOUR ROADMAP, to collect all the information BEFORE you start the application.  It’s not possible to save the application and continue later from where you stopped.


Please assign a Primary Contact who will receive all correspondence regarding the application and is responsible for disseminating information to collaborators. This contact will need to provide their name, email address, phone number, and zip code.


o Musical Title

o Is the project a commission? (Yes or No) If so, provide the name of commissioning organization.

o Is the project wholly original or in the public domain? If not, have you acquired all the necessary underlying rights to your musical, including the rights to a full production? You may not apply unless you have acquired all rights in writing and finalists will be asked to provide documentation.


o For all writers on the team, you will need to provide the name, artistic role (book/lyrics/music), email address, phone number, and zip code.

o Each writer should indicate if the writer is a member of ASCAP, BMI, or Dramatists Guild.

o Name the agent or manager representing each of the writers, if there is one, as well as their agent’s email.


We ask for no money from our participants and we don’t take a royalty. The only requirement is a title page credit on all future readings, showcases, productions and publications as follows: “Title of musical was developed, in part, at Rhinebeck Writers Retreat.”

Here, you will affirm that you agree to provide Rhinebeck Writers Retreat with this title page credit.


Please provide the name, title, organization, and email for one person who has worked professionally with at least one of the writers and who we might contact as a reference for your application.


Check off all of the dates that your entire team is available. All members of the writing team must participate for the full week. Arrivals are late Sunday and departures are the following Sunday, early morning.  The dates for this summer’s retreats are as follows:

July 1 – July 8

July 8 – July 15

July 15 – July 22

July 22 – July 29

July 29 – August 5

August 5 – August 12

August 12 – August 19

August 19 – August 26

August 26 – September 2


You will upload 5 separate documents in PDF Format. The following are the separate requirements:

  1. Brief bios of writers combined onto one page.
  2. Brief Synopsis (not exceeding 300 words) of your musical followed by a character breakdown.
  3. Background and Artistic Goals. Address the following 3 things in one page.
    1. How long has your writing team been collaborators and how did you meet? What inspired you to tell this story?
    2. Describe the history of your musical. Have there been prior readings, 
workshops, or productions; if so, when and where?
    3. During your team’s one week at Rhinebeck Writers Retreat, what do you hope to achieve? Be specific, referencing your musical’s history and needs at this point.
  4. 25-page excerpt from the script. Include title and writers’ names on first page and number the pages. You can choose any 25 pages, but if they are not the first 25 pages, include a paragraph at the beginning to set the stage. If you don’t have 25 pages from the musical you are submitting, the document you attach should start with a detailed outline of the musical you are submitting, which is directly followed by 25 pages of another script by the bookwriter, which clearly indicates that musical’s or play’s title and writers. The 25 page count begins with the dialogue (not the title page, etc).
  5. Lyrics for the 5 songs you are submitting in one single document (see the next section titled “Song Submissions” for the guidelines on how to submit these songs). The song lyrics should be numbered from 1 to 5 in the order that you want the panelists to review the songs. Be sure to indicate the source of song, if it is not from your musical. If a song is also in the 25-page excerpt, indicate the page number where it appears in the excerpt.


In this section, you will submit five songs from your musical. If you don’t have 5, at least 2 must be from the submitted musical and the remaining will be songs by the composer from other projects. The files should be in the order you wish the panelists to hear the songs and should match the order of the lyrics referenced above.

You will see 10 separate boxes. You must create individual links via Dropbox to the mp3 files for your songs.  For the first box, you will see “Song #1 Title”. Put the name of the song and the source of the song, if it is not from your submitted musical. Immediately below will be a box for “Link to Song #1”. This is where you will put the Dropbox link. No videos and no YouTube/video links. You then repeat the same steps for the remaining four song submissions.


This section is for administrative purposes only and is not seen by the panelists. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, religion, age, or sex.

If a member of your team requires wheelchair accessibility, we will provide accessible housing for the entire team in one location, upon request.  Please indicate if accessible housing is needed for your team.

Secondly, please indicate if you or a member of your team would like to bring a child and a caregiver to the retreat.

Lastly, please indicate the race/ethnic heritage(s) that members of your team identify with.


If you submit your application before February 16 at 6:00pm, there is no fee.

If you submit your application between February 16 at 6:00pm and the final deadline of February 23 at 6:00pm, pay the $20 application fee. The fee is paid from our website page through NYCharities.org* with your credit card. Don’t forget to put the name of your musical in the “comment” box at NYCharities.org. Go back to your application page once you have paid the fee and click “SUBMIT” (See below).

*Although we use NYCharities.org to accept our application fee, please note that this is not a donation. We do not ask for donations from writers; this fee covers our administrative costs.


Don’t forget to click the “Submit” button at the end of the application. Remember, once you hit “Submit”, you cannot make any changes to your application. You should get a web screen confirmation immediately after. We will send an email confirmation once we receive your completed application. It could take a few days.